Some Notes from Tuesday Night

Ralph Nader made an interesting observation in a Dec 5th online interview with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now. One reason the automakers are meeting such heavy resistance now in Congress is that the current hearings are being conducted in public. Whereas, the earlier bailout talks for the financial “industry” were conducted on “weekends, in secret.”

Same show, Wendy Thompson former President of UAW local 235, Wendy Thompson is helping to organize a UAW caravan to Washington to represent American workers at the table during the bailout hearings. She mentioned the following website for anyone interested in that effort:

Then, Medea Benjamin of Code Pink and Global Exchange encouraged progressives to attend or host anyone of the local policy house parties happening this coming weekend in local areas around the country. Consensus recommendations to be forwarded to the Obama Transition Team. Find one near you at:

Finally, a new book by Antony Lowenstein, I believe, The Blogging Revolution looks interesting to me, as a nascent blogger with a modest history of political activism.


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