This’ll Wake You Up!

For all you Ray Charles fans out there, here are three of my all time favorites:

YouTube – Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles living for the city.

YouTube – Ray Charles Hallelujah I Love Her So

YouTube – Ray Charles Georgia on My Mind

THAT’s what I’m talkin’  ’bout!


Now Hear This!

I wanted to be sure to include the following to video clips in my first post, but ran out of gas before I got them inserted.

The first is an extraordinary effort, 10 years in the making I heard, a cross-cultural, multi-continent, mix, that is seamless, and very skillfully executed, and . . . well, you tell me!

Stand by Me

The next one I listened to again late at night, the same evening described in “First Post.” At 2 o’clock in the morning it brought tears to my eyes. For all you piano lovers out there, this one rocks!

Baby Grand