The Daily Work

Today was mostly devoted to piano music.  Working on the Chopin Scherzo in Bb minor (vett that, it’s the second one in my Chopin Scherzo volume) in the morning where there are some very challenging broken arpeggios involving stretches of 10ths and 11ths, all supposed to be executed at breathtaking tempo.  Then I watched some piano artistry on youtube by Oscar Peterson (You Look Good to Me), Art Tatum (Humoresk), a blues by Ray Charles, Joogie Wazz by Lucas ?, and something by Nat King Cole.

Kicking myself for not taking a snapshot of the Scherzo volume before deciding to drop it off at Staples to have it coil bound and covered.  That decision led to some interesting background research on the coil binding process and machinery.  Decided for now that just buying the machine would not get me where I’m trying to go.  There’s more to it.  One needs the coils and a way to trim the binding off the original volume.

Made mental note to post picture of the bound volume soon.

OK, here ’tis.

Chopin Scherzos, Front & Back CoversChopin Scherzos, Front & Back Covers


Chopin Scherzos, Frontispiece
Chopin Scherzos, Frontispiece

Rank beginner at media that I am, getting the jpeg files from my new Galaxy S6 to this page was the work of more than a few hours on my chromebook, android phone, and this HP laptop, not to mention, dropbox, google drive and time spent downloading and ascending the learning curves of Byrd, IRC, the WordPress chat forum and PhotoSuite.  This was classic τ » 1 (Technological Inefficiency Ratio greatly exceeding one, of which more elsewhere).  One can only hope that with time comes greater facility, ease, and speed.


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